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Retired Racehorses

Our beautiful property on the Mornington Peninsula has been a place for horse rehabilitation for a number of years. Many horses that have found themselves in undesirable situations, through no fault of their own, are lucky enough to arrive at the property through a variety of avenues.

Some have been purchased from livestock sales, some have been sent directly from horse owners and some have been bought directly from meat producers.

These horses have been rehabilitated to a healthy state both physically and psychologically and retrained to give them the option of a further suitable home.

We also work with some of these horses in our therapy sessions before they transition to their new home.

We continue to do this work with retired racehorses to offer as many opportunities as we can to find good homes for them in their retirement.

Horses in Training

Many race horses and competition horses are also placed in our care when injury or illness has occurred throughout their training schedule.

We are privileged to have world renowned veterinary and equine surgery specialist Dr Glenn Robertson-Smith residing on the property, who is available to tend to horses on a regular basis. We can also offer rehabilitation and spelling for horses currently in training. Dr Robertson-Smith tailors rehabilitation programs specifically for the needs of each individual horse to optimise their recovery. 

Costs are priced on a case by case basis. Please contact Lisa for further information.