Our Partners

Victorian Racing Club

Victorian Racing Club Website

VRC is recognised in Australia and around the world as a leader in racing and event entertainment and are committed to fostering the next generation of racing participants to care for our beautiful thoroughbred horses. The VRC sponsors our program for secondary school students who are interested in working in the racing industry. Students are identified by their school as those who need some extra assistance in finding their way in life whether that be simply because they feel a little lost in the traditional educational system or they struggle with mental health. This program provides an opportunity for young people to learn how to work with race horses as well as learn social emotional skills to help them succeed in life.


Godolphin Website

Godolphin is the global thoroughbred breeding operation and horseracing team founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Godolphin are world leaders in innovative programs for educating young people and providing a hands on retirement pathways for their retired racehorses. Godolphin generously sponsors our Primary Schools Program in both  Victoria and New South Wales. This program has proven to be a game changer for many primary school children who struggle with emotional regulation, boundary setting, healthy expression of emotion, self esteem and engagement in school and community. 

Henry Dwyer Racing

Henry Dwyer Racing Website

Giving back to the community is something HDR feel strongly about, and are generous donors to Racing Hearts through the wonderful support of their owners and Sportsbet. Aside from contributing direct financial support HDR also utilise Racing Hearts’ expertise and connections in the horse rehoming space so as they can find suitable homes for those horses that are ready to enter the next phase of their life.  In short, HDR contribute to Racing Hearts as follows:

  • Proceeds of winnings from HDR’s weekly charity bets, kindly donated by Sportsbet
  • 1% of overall season prizemoney
  • Access to suitable retirees for rehoming, and encouragement of owners to contribute towards the initial phase of said rehoming

Find out more about this valuable partnership here.

PACE Development Group

Pace Development Group Website

PACE is a prestigious property development company that has been building on the modern foundations of Melbourne for 30 years. 

PACE Development are creators of The Darley, an architectural landmark and Flemington’s only residential development on the racecourse. With The Darley’s residences offering unrivalled amenities, provenance meets prestige at the historic home of the Melbourne Cup. The values of Racing Hearts align closely with PACE Development in the care and welfare of our beautiful thoroughbred horses and merging this with a commitment to improving mental health of communities, PACE and Racing Hearts are a perfect collaboration.

Ciaron Maher Racing

Ciaron Maher Racing Website

Ciaron Maher Racing is one of Australias leading racing operations. We work with CMR to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome their retired racehorses.

OTI Racing

OTI Racing Website

We were thrilled to launch an official partnership with Racing Hearts in April 2023, having already worked with Lisa & her team for a number of years when rehoming our retired racehorses. Racing Hearts have provided us with valuable assistance in facilitating the re-training and rehoming of many of our retired thoroughbreds. It has been quite incredible to follow the seamless transition that a number of our retirees have made from racehorse to therapy horse at Racing Hearts. Through the backing of our Equine Welfare Fund, we were very excited to formalise our relationship with Racing Hearts and support the valuable work that they do.