Racehorse Retraining And Rehabilitation

Our beautiful property on the Mornington Peninsula has been a place for horse rehabilitation for a number of years. Many horses that have found themselves in undesirable situations, through no fault of their own, are lucky enough to arrive at the property through a variety of avenues.

Some have been purchased from livestock sales, some have been sent directly from horse owners and some have been bought directly from meat producers. These horses have been rehabilitated to a healthy state both physically and psychologically and retrained to give them the option of a further suitable home.

We also work with some of these horses in our therapy sessions before they transition to their new home. We continue to do this work with retired racehorses to offer as many opportunities as we can to find good homes for them in their retirement.

If you would like more information or have horse that needs to be retrained, please contact us.

close up of horse nose

Racehorse Retraining & Rehabilitation Process

We take pride in our racehorse retraining and rehabilitation process. All horses are given a thorough vet check and even a holiday before beginning their retraining program to move towards their new life as either an Assistant Practitioner or being rehomed to a more suitable environment.

Our Rehabilitation Process

Horses For Sale


From time to time we have retired and retrained racehorses for sale. These horses have come to us under a variety of circumstances and are suitable for a variety of new homes. While all horses are different, all are a great companion or addition to your property.

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