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Gold Medals

Elvstroem/ Lady Mulroy
Bay gelding
DOB 17/09/2009
Career starts 82- 13 wins, 15 seconds and; 9 third’s
Prizemoney $1,129,165
Boasting a very good prizemoney record, Gold Medals is one of our resident millionaires! Having won 2 Grand Annual Steeplechase races (One of the longest jumps races in the World!) and placing second in another, Gold Medals has fully embraced retirement! His top speed has gone from approximately 60km/hr to 200km/hr so it’s safe to say he’s enjoying a slower pace of life. Known as Elvis at his former racing stable, Wilde Racing, this gentleman is one of our absolute favourite permanent therapy team members.


Bianconi/ Weymouth
Bay gelding
DOB 22/08/2006
Career starts 1- 0 placing’s
Prizemoney $0
Whilst Chatsfield didn’t make much of an impact on the race track he sure has here at Racing Hearts. Unfortunately we don’t know to much about Chatsfields history before he joined us here as he came to us through the Racing Victoria RESET Program from the RSPCA. Affectionately known as Chatty or Fidget, Chatsfield likes to test people out by being quite active on his feet on occasion and teaching riders how to use their breathing to keep them calm and patient when he wont stand still at the mounting block! As soon as everyone is regulated, Chatty is ready to accommodate.

Copper Fox

Foxwedge/ True malt
Chesnut gelding
DOB 02/09/2014
Career starts 29- 5 wins, 3 seconds and 2 thirds
Prizemoney $118,263
Copper Fox is one of the poster buys of our herd with his striking looks and personality to match! Such a beautiful chestnut coat and flashy white markings, he’s a real standout. Copper Fox is absolutely obsessed with his best mate Snitches get Stiches and loves spending his days lounging about with him. They even share each others feeds! Copper Fox will shortly begin his training so we can find him a suitable home, where we are certain he will excel in any chosen discipline but we would definitely love to see him in the show ring.

Green Trader

Corporate Raider/ Office Party
Grey gelding
DOB 08/11/2001
Career starts 8- 0 wins, 3 seconds and 1 third
Prizemoney $4,631
Known to everyone as ‘Goofy’, this gorgeous grey boy is our oldest resident at Racing hearts. Goofy has had a very well travelled life coming from New Zealand to race and then going on to have a very successful eventing career at a high level. He is super talented and now resting his body as one of our permanent therapy team. Being an older gentleman Goofy has been diagnosed with arthritis and requires regular medical support to help him feel his best. Goofy is a kind, gentle and sweet old soul who loves spending time with people and his best friend Hissing Sid. He is also partial to lots of carrots!

Dormello Mo

Conillion/ Neogel
Bay Gelding
DOB 22/05/2010
Career starts 54- 13 wins, 9 seconds and 6 thirds
Prizemoney $337,098
Being born in France, Dormello Mo (D Mo) raced his way through Europe, after 33 starts he found his way to Australia to continue his career over the jumps This jet setter has had many opportunities to shine at Racing Hearts including staring in tv
commercials and billboard advertising! D Mo has a very loving character and is always ready to please. He has a very forward and outgoing nature with scope and athletic ability to match. His most favourite activity is jumping and we’re looking forward to finding a young gun that will enjoy whizzing around jumping courses with him!


Raise the flag/ Arurite
Bay gelding
DOB 18/10/2014
Career starts 31- 9 wins and 3 thirds
Prizemoney $346,816
Another Grand Annual winner, our resident Kiwi Heberite has taken to being a therapy horse exceptionally well. This little pocket rocket loves having clients come into his paddock for interaction’s so he can give them endless affection. Always first in line for kisses and cuddles, Hebe cant get enough of being groomed, led and patted by our clients, especially the younger ones. Next year Hebe will try his hand a bit of show jumping after his retirement holiday from racing.

King Tycoon

Written Tycoon/ Rocktruder
Chesnut gelding
DOB 02/10/2014
Career starts 22- 2 wins, 3 seconds and 2 thirds
Prizemoney $66,315
Known as Bailey this gentle giant would fall asleep in your lap if he could fit! Bailey has the most kind and gentle temperament who always makes his clients feel at ease when working with him. He is always our go to horse when anyone is feeling nervous about getting on as he has impeccable patience and would wait by the mounting block all day to help a client relax. A permanent member of our therapy team, he really is one in a million.


Denman/ Coco Kerringle
Bay gelding
DOB 11/9/2014
Career starts-30- 7 wins and 8 seconds
Prizemoney $246,940
We really shouldn’t have favourites but Lagerfeld seems to always manage his way to the top of everyone’s list very quickly. With his kind and gentle nature, its very hard to walk past this horse without stopping for a cuddle and he will usually greet you at the gate for carrots and snacks. Aptly named like the famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, this guy absolutely LOVES a photo shoot. He’s the one horse we don’t have to jump up and down behind the camera to get his ears forward for a pose as he is always ready to strike a great one!

Hissing Sid

Golden Snake/ Domitrix
Bay gelding
DOB 25/09/2004
Career starts 48- 10 wins, 8 seconds and 5 thirds
Prizemoney $560,080
A legend in his hometown of Warrnambool for winning back to back Warrnambool Cups in 2009 and 2010, Sid is one of the senior members of our therapy herd. He is an old wise gentleman who thrives doing mounted session with our clients. He is an expert in helping small children grow self esteem and self confidence through ridden exercises. He never puts s foot wrong. Sid has also travelled back to his home town of Warrnambool where he as taken part in many therapy sessions for local Warrnambool children. He is true legend.


Grass Wonder/ No Whisper
Chestnut gelding
DOB 01/10/2007
Career starts 50- 1 win, 5 seconds and 4 thirds
Prizemoney $42,945
Another oldie but a goodie, Quintin has been with us for quite some time as a therapy and trail riding horse. A big solid type, he certainly enjoys a slow pace of life and has been a great team member with us.
Another older gent that loves snuggles and snacks, Quintin will make someone a fabulous friend when he is ready to find a perfect home.

Snitches Get Stitches

Star Witness/ Loveitt
Chestnut gelding
DOB 01/09/2018
Prizemoney $0
Snitches is our resident gangly teenager type! What he lacks in looks and physique he certainly makes up for in his incredibly sweet and laid back nature. Snitches absolutely loves human attention and is always ready to connect for a cuddle and a groom. These are even better if you bring snacks for him!
Snitches best friend is Copper Fox and these two ginger nuts seem a bit like twins from a distance.

The Dominator

Thewayyouare/ dominique
Bay gelding
DOB 16/10/2011
Career starts 59- 10 wins, 7 seconds and 1 third
Prizemoney $293,374
Dominator by name but not by nature, this perfect gentleman slows the pace down in each of his sessions to suit his clients needs. Whether it be a ridden session or a walk around the farm the Dominator can do it all. Although Dom is a pretty handy jumper, like our other therapy horses he has fully embraced retirement and a slower pace of life. A firm favourite in our school holiday camps, Dom is a permanent member of our team.

Underground Fighter

Shinzig/ French Resistence
Bay gelding
DOB 07/10/2010
Career starts 91- 3 wins, 5 seconds and 10 third’s
Prizemoney $280,386
Affectionately known as Fighter this gelding is the exact opposite of what his name implies. This sweet gentleman thrives when working with children and has frequently been seen to take a very protective stance over the smallest child in a group. Fighter often has his former jockey come to visit him with his children as he holds a special place in his heart and a forever home should he ever need to leave us, although we don’t ever see that happening!
Horses enjoying the shade of a forest